How do I become an EMT?


Have you ever considered working or volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician, but weren’t sure where to begin? Here’s is how you make it happen. Take an EMT Course - You are at the right place.  Kitsap EMS and Trauma Council offer State Certified EMT courses twice a year. Our classes run from January - March, and from September to December. Take and pass the National Registry Exam.  Our course will prepare you to take the exam.  Our final is two practice National exams. Become affiliated with a licensed EMS agency or fire district.  Talk with your local fire department now [...]

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How do I prove my reading comprehension for the EMT application?


You can prove your reading comprehension by a variety of ways: 1.By taking the Accuplacer Exam. Your score must qualif you  for English 101.  You can take the exam at Olympic College: There is abundance of free prep question sites you can access through Google to get prepared for the exam. OR 2.You have already taken ENG 101 in college. Send your college transcript. OR 3. You can have an AA or a BA college degree.  

How do I prove my reading comprehension for the EMT application?2021-11-05T16:46:14-07:00

What if I want to become a fire fighter?


In regards to becoming a firefighter here is an excellent article: Each fire district is different. Some fire districts want you to become an EMT BEFORE you become affiliated with them. Some want you they want you to go to fire academy first before EMT courses. Contact fire districts' volunteer departments and speak about your goals. One will be the right fit for you.

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Is there any outside hours other than the class room?


You have weekly M,W, F  6- 9 PM lectures by Zoom. Every Saturday is an in-person live skill station, at the  Central Kitsap41 Station in Bremerton. Additionally, you must attend: One 8- hour hospital rotation One 8- hour field ride along rotation with an ems agency.

Is there any outside hours other than the class room?2021-10-05T17:33:23-07:00
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