Project Description

Application deadline

August 15th or until the class is full.

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Application Deadline

Class Date:  September 12th

***The March class will commence if we have a minimum number of nine students. The class is full, with a maximum of sixteen students.

Course Time: 

Initial Course: 9 AM till completed.

Refresher Course with Survey: Noon till completed.


Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station 56

6470 Seabeck Hwy NW, Silverdale, WA 98383

The Basics

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Student Prerequisites: must be attached to the application. for the application to be complete and considered for the course. Applications are noted by the date received and the date of completion. Students wanting to attend as a refresher course, must turn in DOH survey with the application

This course is for both initial ESE evaluators and current ESE evaluators who need to complete their refresher course, prior to recertification.

  • While in class, students will need to provide their own working lunch and snacks.
  • Students must follow all current COVID restrictions

Requirements– Students must meet the course requirements to apply. Please look closely for the requirements based on whether you are taking this course as an initial or a refresher course.

Class Enrollment– This class must have 9 students enrolled at the time of the deadline to commence. Maximum 18 students.

The initial course is a full-day course.  It contains the morning teaching portion and the afternoon skills evaluations.

The initial course is for:

  1. All new ESE evaluators.
  2. Previous Evaluators whose current ESE credential is expired.
  3. Current Evaluators who do not wish to take the online DOH Refresher curricula and survey.

The refresher course is a half-day course.  It contains the afternoon skills evaluations.

In order to participate in the refresher course you must:

  1. Be Current Evaluators who turned takes the online DOH Refresher curricula and survey.
  2. Turn in the ESE evaluator survey results with your ESE application.

Your ESE evaluator credential is tied to your recertification date. In order to maintain your credential, you must take a refresher every recertification cycle.

If you are a BLS Evaluator needed to recertify, you MUST have completed the online DOH Refresher course if you want to do this as a refresher course. If you don’t wish to do the test, you may do this course as an initial course.

      1. If you are a current evaluator AND you want to do this as a half-day refresher course, then you must review the ESE curricula and take a survey:
      2. Download ESE curricula online at;


      1. Download the ESE PowerPoint online at EMS Evaluator Information: Washington State Department of Health;


      1. Take the ESE online cognitive evaluator survey located on the DOH website at


      1. Turn in survey results with application

Course Costs

Course Tuition: $60 

All fees are nonrefundable whether or not the student attended the class.  The department will be billed $ 60 at the time of the deadline.

Registration Deadline: August 15th 


Ready to apply? Send your application to [email protected].

Have questions? Call Tamarah Hoffman, Training Coordinator, at 360.447.2068 or [email protected].


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