Project Description

ESE Evaluator

Any currently certified EMS provider who has completed at least one certification cycle (and successfully recertified) at or above the level of certification being evaluated is eligible to participate in the workshop.

2024 Course Dates

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  • March 15th

  • September 12th

Both Initial and Refresher Course Available

Initial Course

  • For Initial ESE evaluators

  • Full Day Course

  •  It contains the morning teaching portion and the afternoon skills evaluations.

  • For previous evaluators whose current ESE credential is expired.

  • For current evaluators who do not wish to take the online DOH Refresher curricula and survey.

Refresher Course


  • All Day
  • Lunch Provided


  • 1-4
  • No Lunch

Location and Times

The ESE Course will be held at Central Kitsap Station 4-1

7600 Old Military Rd NE, Bremerton, WA 98311

Initial Course: 9 AM- 4 PM

Refresher: 1-4

Frequently Asked Questions

As an ESE evaluator, you are an integral part of the OTEP program.

  • You will learn how to evaluate the practical skills for initial and continual training.

You have the ability to shape the future of your fellow EMS providers.

  • As an ESE evaluator, you may evaluate at the four Kitsap County EMT classes.

The initial course is for:

  1. All new ESE evaluators.
  2. Previous Evaluators whose current ESE credential is expired.
  3. Current Evaluators who do not wish to take the online DOH Refresher curricula and survey.
  1. Attend either the ESE March 15th or September 12th.
  2. Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate and application.
  3. You will need to fill out an initial ESE DOH application.
  4. Return to the KCEMS Office, the second page, where it requests the MPD signature. Dr. Hoffman, Kitsap County MPD will sign and forward it to DOH on your behalf.
  5.  Send the entire application with the certificate to DOH to the PO box listed on the application’s front page.
  6. Every recertification cycle you will need to take a refresher course.

All current evaluators must take a refresher course each recertification cycle.

Cognitive Goals

  • Identify resources for accurate information
  • Know the difference between: 1) Individual skills evaluations during an initial EMS course 2) The comprehensive end of course evaluation 3) OTEP practical skill evaluations
  • Know how to apply for approval as an EMS evaluator
  • List the components of a practical skills evaluation
  • Understand legal considerations
  • Discuss the role of the evaluator in EMS education
  • Understand how to perform an objective skill evaluation

Affective Goals

  • Be aware of the importance of understanding the policies and procedures related to EMS education in Washington
  • Participate in this class in a way that exemplifies a commitment to excellence when conducting practical skill evaluations

Psychomotor Goals

  • Demonstrate the ability to use practical skill evaluation sheets approved by the department as well as those which have been approved by the MPD to perform objective skill evaluations
  • Demonstrate the ability to remediate a student who is having difficult

All current evaluators must take a refresher course each recertification cycle.


Want to attend the skills half day course?

If you are a current evaluator AND you want to do this as a half-day refresher course, then you must review the ESE curricula and take a survey: 

Download ESE curricula online at;


  1. Download the ESE PowerPoint online at EMS Evaluator Information: Washington State Department of Health;


  1. Take the ESE online cognitive evaluator survey located on the DOH website at

Send your survey results to the KCEMS office when you apply.

That’s ok- you will be attending the full all day course.

If you have completed the required refresher evaluator course, then at the time of your recertification, click the box on your electronic SAW application requesting your ESE renewal. It is as easy as that. Dr. Hoffman will review your completion and sign off on your application.

For providers who have not completed the course, Dr. Hoffman will deny their renewal request.