Initial and Refresher ESE Evaluator Course


March 15, 2024    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of evaluator workshops is to teach methods and techniques to enable individuals to provide fair, reliable, objective practical skills evaluations while properly using evaluation skill forms identified by the Department of Health. Successful completion of an EMS Evaluator workshop is required in order to function as an evaluator. EMS Evaluators must be certified at, or above, the certification level of the individual being evaluated.

At the conclusion of the course, the evaluator candidate will:

Cognitive Goals

  • Identify resources for accurate information
  • Know the difference between: 1) Individual skills evaluations during an initial EMS course 2) The comprehensive end of course evaluation 3) OTEP practical skill evaluations
  • Know how to apply for approval as an EMS evaluator
  • List the components of a practical skills evaluation
  • Understand legal considerations
  • Discuss the role of the evaluator in EMS education
  • Understand how to perform an objective skill evaluation

Affective Goals

  • Be aware of the importance of understanding the policies and procedures related to EMS education in Washington.
  • Participate in this class in a way that exemplifies a commitment to excellence when conducting practical skill evaluations.

Psychomotor Goals

  • Demonstrate the ability to use practical skill evaluation sheets approved by the department as well as those approved by the MPD to perform objective skill evaluations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to remediate a student who is having difficulty.

INITIAL PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS: Any currently certified EMS provider who has completed at least one certification cycle (and successfully recertified) at or above the level of certification being evaluated is eligible to participate in the workshop


  • Complete an application on forms provided by the Department of Health.
  • Hold a current Washington State Certification at the EMT level or higher and have completed at least one three-year certification cycle.
  • Provide a certificate of completion as proof of an MPD approved EMS Evaluator Workshop specific to the level of certification being evaluated.

REFRESHER PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS: If you are a current ESE evaluator may take this as a full-day class with no survey OR you may take this course as a 1/2 day skills refresher course.

To take this course as a 1/2 day course you must:




  • Turn in survey results with the application