The class has been canceled due to lack of enrollment

While in Class

This course is a 48-hour training program to receive an IV technician endorsement. As a student, you will also
be expected to study on your time outside of class. This will include reading the textbook, knowing, and
understanding definitions as they pertain to the training program, knowing and understanding the equipment
used in emergency medicine, practicing the practical skills expected of an EMT

During class, you will have additional ER time and ride-along time to your class schedule, which must be performed prior to the class final.

While in class, you will be performing IV starts on dummies and on your fellow students. If you are unable to participate in this activity, this may not be your class.

Requirements– Students must meet the course requirements to apply.

Class Enrollment– This class must 13 students enrolled at the time of deadline to commence.

Cost – Course Cost will be billed to the student’s department at the time of the deadline. The fee for the course is nonrefundable.

Course Dates

Spring 2021 Class Cancelled due to lack of interest.

We will try to reschedule once more students are interested in the course.

Student Requirements

This is an endorsement class. If you are not an Kitsap County affiliated provider, please make sure you have your MPD approval prior to taking this course. 


  • COST

  • DUE:  All fees are nonrefundable whether or not the student attended the class.  The department will be billed at the time of the deadline.

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Doug Benekyi
Doug BenekyiInstructor
Paramedic, Central Kitsap