Thank you for joining us. We hope you found the information insightful.

We hope you understand the ventilation operation better and all your questions were answered.

Tamarah Hoffman, Kitsap County EMS, Training Coordinator

Anticipated Course Topics

Zoll will be presenting the in and out of the ventilation machine.

We will have an additional speaker to cover real-life scenarios and in the field practice.

What it will cover:

  1. Ventilation didactic (why are we using mechanical ventilators? How do they work? Etc
  2. Pig Lung Lab
  3. Scenario-based practice to cover best practices and refresher pieces of the ventilation machine.

Ventilation Summit

Kitsap County is proud to present a Ventilation Summit on May 16 or 17th.
Rusty or new to using a ventilator in the EMS arena?
Learn the in and outs of the Zoll Mentilations machine. We will be discussing why are we using mechanical ventilators and why?
Having a hands-on lab, and finally, a break-out scenario- based on best practices and real-life problems.

Requirements– Providers must attend one difficult airway lab during their certification cycle.  Look at your Target solutions credentials to see if you are in need of this course.

Class Enrollment– This class has a limited enrollment of 35 providers per day. Students must sign up for a time slot, PRIOR to attending the lab. Please look at the date tab for more information

Deadline: April 30th

Ventilation Summit will count for either airway lab or your choice hours.

Anticipated Course Dates

The course is being offered on two days May 16 and 17th.

This is to offer the most availability to all paramedics. However, if there is not a minimum of 12 providers on one day, the summit may be combined into the fullest day.



Time: This class usually goes from about 8-3ish, with an hour lunch, two 20-30 minute breaks, Q&A, etc.


Kitsap Readiness Center

1211 Carver St

Bremerton, WA 98312

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Please contact me by


Providers can receive your choice hours or difficult airway course credit, if in attendance for the entire day.

April 30th
Application Deadline
Registration is now closed! This class is full.

Class enrollment is open

May 16th is now full. Spots are still available for May 17th.

Ventilation Summit Registration

Ventilation Summit
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Which sessions do you plan on attending?
There are only 30 slot per day.
If your first choice is not available would you like the other day?
What credit are you requesting?
If you are in attendance all day. Dr. Hoffman is giving either Your choice hours or difficult airway course credit.